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The Hot Box

Innovation Through Necessity

Semi-Automated Dry Heat Bioburden Reduction Model


Hot Box .png

The Semi-Automated Dry Heat Bioburden Reduction Model, also known as The Hot Box is capable of decontaminating 24,000 masks daily. When the model was created, PPE materials were extremely limited -  providing a safe option for decontamination will allow the reuse of existing materials. At Bioburden Reduction Systems, we are expanding the capabilities and uses of The Hot Box to a wider reach of consumers. 


  • Allows N95 masks to be used up to 5 times

  • Module arrives in turnkey ready condition

  • Powered by Heating Oil

  • Masks marked and returned to original user

  • Interior shelving, and 10,000 bags for N95 processing included

  • 24 Hour Temperature Cycle Recording

  • Secure Lockable Doors

  • Using Dry Heat to Support Single-User Reuse of Certain Filtering Facepiece


Up to 24,000 N95 masks per day (2,400 masks/cycle)

Bioburden Reduction of SARS-COV-2

Cycle Time

1.5 hours

Size (Exterior)

20' x 8' x 8.6' plus 6' long ramp

Useable Volume

124' x 80' x 60' (344ft^3)


6,800 LBS


12-log - 99.9999999999%


#2 Heating Oil

Fuel Capacity

275 gal. Double Wall Tank

Temperature Range

75 C and 82 C


1 year materials and workmanship


120 Volt @ 4amp

Nema 5-15 (household plug)

100' Cord Included


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