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Innovation Through Necessity

Our Story

How Bioburden Reduction Systems Began

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly strained the production of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). PPE was in short supply, as it was being used around the clock by hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, etc. As a result of this crisis, a not-for-profit organization, Southern Maryland Loves You (SOMDLY), was born. This organization began supporting the COVID-19 effort by producing PPE. After weeks of producing PPE, it was determined that a more efficient way to support the effort is to figure out a process to sanitize and reuse PPE. SOMDLY engineered the Bioburden Reduction Device named "Hot Box." A few years after the outbreak of COVID-19 had subsided and cases had significantly decreased,  members of the SOMDLY Board of Directors thought it best to create a for-profit start-up to help find alternative uses for the Hot Box.


SOMDLY  licensed the Hot Box technology for further research and growth. Bioburden Reduction Systems was created to innovate and expand on the technology by creating more efficient manufacturing processes, making the unit cost-effective, multi-purpose, and widely obtainable. In addition to the new research of the Hot Box model, Bioburden Reduction Systems research and develops other products and methodologies to reduce the number of bioburdens. As a new start-up, Bioburden Reduction Systems has an overall goal of doing its part to help reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, mites, and other pathogens. 

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Inventors & Innovators Unite

Invention and Innovation are two terms frequently used interchangeably but are not the same. Inventors ask, "What do consumers want or need?" This product doesn't exist (yet), so it takes convincing to explain why your consumers may need or want it. Innovation takes an existing product, and the innovator asks, "How can I improve the product? How can I streamline the process? How can I increase consumer satisfaction?"


Both processes require extreme research & development, market analysis, engineering, and marketing to produce a successful product.

Bioburden Reduction Systems, a start-up research, development, invention, and innovation company, aims to be at the forefront of health safety and bioburden reduction. Based on research, bioburden reduction is a disjointed industry comprising various industries of many products and services. Bioburden Reduction Systems has a vision of creating a new single industry leading the way in reducing bioburdens. At Bioburden Reduction Systems, we call upon our out-of-the-box thinkers, inventors, and innovators to create a better tomorrow, starting today. 

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